Wisdom from prudence

Prudence is my friendly road runner

Most of my friends have been introduced to Prudence. She is my favorite neighbor and stops by everyday for lunch. I give her dried meal worms and she drops empty snail shells on the porch as a thank you. During this year filled with social isolation I’ve had more conversations with her than anyone else.

Today, in addition to discussing when I thought COVID vaccines would be available to the neighborhood (she thinks it is important to keep bird lovers healthy and safe) we discussed things that make us emotional. It surprised me that seeing FedEx trucks loaded with vaccine made me cry tears of joy and filled me with pride in a country that worked so hard to create it. Prudence says that is how she feels when FedEx shows up with more meal worms. But today, I was surprised that I was moved to tears watching nurses being vaccinated. I thought of my many friends that have worked tirelessly during this pandemic while people like me were safely working from home.

There are ways that all of us who were safe at home can give back to our communities. We can help our neighborhoods plan. Sometimes it is the little things we do for each other that makes us all more prepared.

Make a Plan

  • Ask your family members to commit to getting vaccinated.
  • Ask your pastor/priest/roshi to help spread the word and provide public information.
  • Have your parish nursing community help with public messaging.
  • Talk to your neighbors when you see them outside.
  • Make sure older neighbors have a ride.
  • Keep yourself updated on local distribution plans.
  • Talk to your health care provider if you don’t know who to ask about vaccines.
  • Get your students and faculty involved.
  • Have a vaccine buddy you commit to go with to get vaccinated.
  • Commit to being responsible for getting one additional person vaccinated.

I have never been more pleased with the healthcare community for all it is doing. I hope in 6 months I will look back and say I have never been more proud of our country as all who are able chose to get vaccinated.

My conversation with Prudence ended with her suggesting a new bowl would be a great Christmas gift since I broke the one she is using. She wanted me to tell you “Vaccines Save Lives.”

2 thoughts on “Wisdom from prudence

  1. Michelle Schneider

    Nice you are getting immunized while I can’t even have N95 masks to test our clients against my better judgment!

    • Actually, I’m in Albuquerque and we haven’t received any vaccine here yet. I think it is supposed to arrive tomorrow but there are only 17,000 doses for the entire state which means we will do front line health care workers first. I will help give vaccines, but won’t personally be in the first group. It is beyond unacceptable that in this country we still do not have adequate PPE.

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