Communities of Interest

Academic/Practice Partnership to Impact Population Health in Chronic Disease and Emergency Response

This program was established as a collaboration between nine stakeholder organizations and built upon an existing initiative to advance national nurse readiness for disasters and large-scale public health emergencies that began over a year ago (Veenema, et. al, 2016).  Drawing upon existing relationships and expertise and in consultation with CDC, the collaboration with partners will provide training environments that promote a population health approach to disaster preparedness and response. Ultimately, this project will directly impact the capacity of the primary care and public health workforce to improve population health outcomes in individuals impacted by disaster events.

As part of this process, we are making collaboration areas available to all of those who are interested in helping to develop additional modules and are committed to making them open access and fully adaptable and free to all users. The links below are to three of the discussion boards each with a unique purpose.

LinkedIn Groups

Academic/Practice Partnership in Emergency Response If you have any trouble joining this group email

The LinkedIN group is consistent with most such groups. It is set up for people from a broad array of professions that are interested in how academic practice partnerships can improve preparedness to respond and healthcare outcomes.


Disaster Nursing is a Facebook page that is moderated by the Society for the Advancement of Disaster Nursing. It is primarily of interest to nursing of any level interested in learning more about disaster preparedness.


Disaster Research in Nursing and Public Health

This is a community on GooglePlus that is primarily set up to engage in discussion of nursing research related to preparedness and response.