Complaining Doesn’t Change Policy

Since the election, social media is full of people that want to oppose any Trump policy. Such activism on social media isn’t any different than one sees on a college campus or any community across the country. People like to complain about what they perceive as bad policy. What is less common is a willingness to dive in and help change policy.  It requires one to know the issue and current evidence, have researched the existing policy and legislation, become familiar with the stakeholders, explored feasible options, and know the costs.  Even then, without courage, most people will remain silent or only discuss the issue in the safety of friends, otherwise known as a bitch session.compassion-is-the-as-smooth-as-the-stone-washed-by

Like many, I’m concerned about the policy direction of the country. There is an excessive amount of marginal policy in the country. It can be seen in the cost of medical care, a Social Security system that is slowly going bankrupt, a Veterans Administration that is inefficient, and gun laws that are not designed to keep us safe. Marginal or ineffective policy results from equal parts of failure to consider the possible consequences, personal self-interest, and a public that is not engaged.

Sitting in silence and letting the rough waters wash away the sharp edges may help one on the path to personal compassion. Only when people can be the compassion can they find their voice and use it to effectively shape policy that reflects compassion and considers the impact on the least among us. Much needs to be done; to be part of the change we must be willing to speak out with passion and conviction that is guided by reason and evidence. We must be educated, informed, and courageous. Don’t sit on the sidelines and complain about the past.





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