We Need Women on the Stage – Church and State

I’ve watched all of the debates and have noticed that there is a distinct difference in the debates when a woman is on the stage. Men are not quit as hostile to each other. Of course, it was far more pronounced with the Democrats who didn’t seem to be willing to destroy the party to win the prize, as was the case with Trump and Cruz. Still, the second Republican debate when Carley Fiorina joined was much more civil and intellectual.

I wonder what would have happened to the Apostles without Mary? Would they have devolved into the squabbling mess the Republican Party has become? In fact, would they become like the Bishops of today; so busy arguing over the role of women in the Church and what the family should be that they cannot see their squabbling is causing Mary to cry for them and the Church to self-destruct around them? Maybe the Republicans should watch the Synod and the Synod should watch the debates and see if they see themselves in the behaviors of the other.

Queen_of_PeaceWe world needs the Church and our country needs two strong political parties to keep us balanced. Both need women on the stage to remind us that we are a compassionate nation.

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