Disaster Commons

The potential for disaster is a global reality.  Our policies are generally designed to address the greatest good for the greatest number of people and to limit loss (life and property) after a disaster.  This results in great expenditures of funds that provide the greatest benefit to those that have the most.  This page addresses how policy impacts the least advantaged.

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Many of the best resources for those that are least advantaged are provided by faith-based and community organizations.  Some of those organizations are listed below.

Resources for Children

Children and Youth—Resources such as coloring and activity books that help children and youth understand disasters, foster resilience, and encourage the expression of feelings related to disasters. Parents and Guardians—Resources on how to help children and youth cope with disasters as well as activities parents and guardians can do with children and youth. Mental Health and Health Providers—Resources such as tip sheets and guides that provide information to clinicians, healthcare professionals, and hospital staff on how to help children before and after disasters. Child Care Providers—Resources for child care providers on how to prepare for a disaster and how to respond should one occur. Teachers and Other School Personnel—Resources for teachers or school staff that include guidelines and classroom activities to use when discussing disasters with children. School Emergency Planning—Resources for school administrators on proper school crisis planning. Children with Special Needs—Resources that can be helpful in preparing for and recovering from disasters when children with special needs are involved.

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  1. Mary Jo Hartman

    I wish I had seen this a few months earlier! One of my classes this semester was Advanced Policy Analysis. One of the papers I had to write was about Katrina and policy. You have some great sources and insight I would have loved to have taken advantage of for that paper!
    Mary Jo

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